Menoken Farms Breeding Contract

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The following form is available as a printable version that can be either faxed or mailed to Menoken Farms. If you have any questions about this form, contact us by email, or call 970-249-7662.

This contract for the breeding season of 20___ is entered into on this ____ day of ______________, 20___ between Menoken Farms (Stallion Owner) and ________________________________, Mare Owner. Mare Owner agrees to breed the mare named ________________________________________________________ (Breed Registry __________________ ) to the stallion named ____________________________________________________, for the fee of $_________ for a live foal subject to the following conditions:

1. This contract contains a "live foal guarantee." A live foal is described as a new-born foal which stands and nurses without assistance. If the mare fails to conceive, or if the foal is reabsorbed, aborted, or born dead for any reason other than caretaker negligence, and with a veterinary's certificate stating suspected cause of death of foal, a return breeding of the same mare to the same stallion is guaranteed within the next breeding season.

2. A booking fee of $200.00 shall be retained for each mare bred. This fee is non-refundable if the mare should fail to conceive, or abort, or reabsorb the foal.

3. Menoken Farms agrees to provide suitable facilities for the care and feeding of mare or of mare and foal. Mare Owner agrees to pay board for care and feed at the rate of $6.00/day for a mare, or $8.00/day for a mare and foal. All veterinarian and farrier expenses incurred by mare will be paid by Mare Owner. This includes but is not limited to: appropriate tranquilizer administered by the veterinarian of by Menoken Farms for maiden or difficult mares to avoid possible injury to either the stallion or the mare.

4. The mare shall be in healthy and sound breeding condition, free from infectious, contagious, or transmissible diseases with current (within two months) deworming and vaccinations. A veterinarian's certificate of health, with a negative uterine culture, bare feet, and a copy of the mare's Certificate of Registration, if applicable, are required before the mare may be delivered to Menoken Farms.

5. Due to the recent outbreak of Strangles (strep. equi) epidemic in the Montrose/Delta area, our veterinarian has requested that all horses be vaccinated with the most effective and safe vaccine available. The pinnacle internasal vaccine will allow the horses and newborn foals to have good immunity against this disease.

6. This paragraph does not apply for Thoroughbred Mares. For collection and shipping of live semen: Menoken Farms will supply the semen at the Mare Owner's request. This sample will be shipped at the Mare Owner's expense. If additional samples are required (in the event the mare does not conceive), the Mare Owner must incur the veterinary expenses for collecting from the stallion and shipping of the semen. The costs for collecting from the stallion will not exceed $100.00. The stallion service fee will be paid in full before the semen is collected and shipped.

7. A breeder's certificate will be issued for the foal conceived by this mating when the stallion fee, and any other pertinent expenses, have been paid in full and when the mare has produced a live foal from this mating. Pertinent expenses are due when the mare is picked up after being bred.

8. The remaining stallion service fee will be due and payable on Sept. 1, 2006. It is further agreed that the Mare Owner is not liable for accident, injury or death to the stallion, and that Menoken Farms is not liable for accident, injury or death to the mare or foal.


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